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Using Records

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Analysis of existing family documents and information

Customized research plan​​

               -A prioritized list of specific sources relevant to your family and the region where they lived

               -A list of where to search for the sources and specific suggestions for a successful search

Research yourself and save money!

Assign some of the research to us - or do it all yourself

Genealogy coaching

Lineage society applications

Record transcription/translation

Workshops & classes

In-depth research and analysis by professional genealogists

All documents and research logs

A full report of findings

A plan for future research

Various packages available

Sample Research Report



  • Marriage license or certificate

    • Marriage records have been kept since the beginning of the county in most states.

    • Also check marriage banns and bonds in earlier time periods.

  • Death Certificate of her or her spouse – for those deaths after early 1900s

  • Find the Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates/license for each of her children

BestSteps Genealogy evolved from the need we saw in our professional research to make sure we were utilizing the best sources out there for our clients. We would ask each other, "What do you think is the best source to find the...?"


In searching for the best methodology we read books and blogs, listened to webinars, and attended conferences. The purpose of this site is to provide one place for family historians to learn the best methods for doing research.

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