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- A Customized Research Plan

"My Research Path" 

  • Analysis of existing family documents and information

    • Upload documents, charts, or data files to our site

  • Customized research plan

    • We review your previous research and create a plan for you

    • A prioritized list of specific sources relevant to your family and the region where they lived

    • A list of where to search for the sources and specific suggestions for a successful search

  • Research yourself - save money and enjoy the journey of discovery!

  • Assign some of the research to us – or do it all yourself

  • Packages available:



3 hours




5 hours


Professional Consulting/Coaching

  • Genealogy Coaching

    • Online or in person

    • Get suggestions on your current research

    • Topics can include anything

  • Lineage society applications, such as the DAR

  • Record transcription/translation of old handwriting

  • Create your Family Website

  • Workshops & classes

  • Rate: $50 per hour

  • Document look-up services

    • Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT

    • Other libraries and archives around the United States

    • Rate: $35 per hour

3-10 Hours


Usually 1-2 Generations

20+ Hours




  or  surnames

11-20 Hours


Usually 2-4 Generations or several surnames

Research Packages

  • Professional Research Packages include:

    • In-depth research and analysis by professional genealogists

    • A full report of all findings 

    • A copy of all documents and research logs

    • A plan for future research

  • We specialize in U.S. research, but network with expert international researchers

    • Located near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City​

  • Available Packages:

Sample Research Plans & Reports

"My Research Path" for William Combest and His Parents

William Combest was living in Missouri during the 1850 U.S. Census. This Research Path will give specific suggestions on how to find his parents by listing which records to search and methods and locations for searching.

Research Report for William Combest and His Parents

This report shows the results of following the "My Research Path" for William Combest. His parents were successfully documented and additional siblings were found.

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